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StablWall Foundation Crack Prevention and Repair in Pennsylvania and New Jersey | Basement Waterproofing Etc
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What Is StablWall™?

Thin as a dime and stronger than steel, the proven StablWall technology has been used for more than 25 years in the aerospace industry, and in a host of rugged commercial applications, from buildings and bridges, to retaining walls and tunnels. Practically impossible to break, stretch or crack, the impermeable StablWall™ product protects the home by forming a permanent and indestructible barrier on foundation walls.

The StablWall™ System

The StablWall™ system is a unique polymer wall bracing system that consists of space age technology carbon fiber sheets, epoxied to foundation walls to prevent cracks from opening wider.

StablWall™ does not stretch. StablWall™ is 10 times stronger than steel in tensile strength. Once applied to a wall, (perpendicular to a crack), the crack will not open wider because the carbon fibers will not stretch. StablWall™ is cheaper and less intrusive than wall anchors, but easier to install and stronger. StablWall™ is designed for cracks up to 2" wide.

StablWall™: Advanced Technology at Work

StablWall is a quick and easy fix: Two-foot wide sheets of carbon-fiber mesh are applied and bonded directly to the wall. Once the carbon fiber is adhered and bonded, it restricts all movement — guaranteed.

FACT: StablWall's carbon fiber technology is the fastest-growing sector in the concrete re-enforcement industry.

FACT: StablWall is the only product on the market today that offers a permanent solution for a failing foundation.

FACT: StablWall not only fixes cracks and bows in basement walls, it actually improves the strength of the home's foundation – for the life of the home.

Smart design: StablWall completely eliminates ongoing maintenance and unsightly beams and anchors, which are major drawbacks associated with other foundation repair methods. Using advanced carbon fiber technology, StablWall offers a reliable, one-time fix.